Name: Autumn Williams

Age: 14

Date of Birth: 16 June 2013

Height: 170cm

Weight: 50KG

Blood Type: AB+

Identification: N/A



Final Marks from Jaeger program:

Not applicable


Born to a young girl barely 16 years old, Autumn was merely two months old when Tresspasser landed in San Fransisco. All she has known growing up has been the terror of the Kaiju and how, even in such a strange world, her home life was a little unconventional. Even though she was so young and the Father wanted nothing to do with them, Autumn’s Mother was determined to keep her daughter. She raised Autumn with the help of her parents who died five years later when caught in the crossfire of a bank robbery.

From there, Autumn’s Mother barely held things together. She worked from pay check to pay check to get Autumn through school and very quickly built up a significant debt. This saw the young woman take allowances from friends – favours that she would accumulate and never pay back – and eventually turn to dealing and using drugs. Twice child services nearly caught up with the Williams’s and twice they evaded them. As far as Autumn was aware, her Mother was only protecting her, but even the child started to see the toll that the narcotics were taking on the woman.

At the age of eleven, Autumn walked in on her Mother, unconscious and overdosed, on the kitchen floor. That was the last straw. Almost effective immediately, the young girl was placed into the foster system and for the next three yeas she floated through. She drifted through 4 homes in that time, each not taking and being what she needed and thus, sending her back into the system.

For all her troubles however, Autumn learnt very quickly to appreciate the little things in life. Quick to laugh and smile, she became a fan of carrying a sketchbook around and finding ways to capture what made her happy in the pages. When she smiled you could see that yeah, she had some sadness but it would soon be overwhelmed by amusement because who can’t not laugh at a fart joke, eh?

Autumn made a few friends in the system but she was never the type to latch on to relationships; the kids were friends, but not people she would cry over if she left. So when it came up that there was a prospective couple in the Shatterdome over at Hong Kong was looking to adopt, she was the first child the system offered the couple. She was told everything that was available about the couple – that they were Jaeger pilots, that the reason they were adopting was because they couldn’t have a child of their own – and maybe, just maybe, she felt like this could finally be the parents for her.

Psychological Record as adjusted by Dr. Alex Cashore:

“Miss Williams is, undoubtedly, a strong young woman. I think this has come from her time in foster care. However, for how strong Autumn is, she is also incredibly introverted and not necessarily soft-spoken, just good at choosing her words. I feel like Autumn has another layer to her, so to speak. I’ve only had the one session with her, but already I can see that she isn’t exactly the type to talk about her feelings. She is quite easy to anger – her moods change quicker than most – and I believe that she does not see a future for herself. This could stem from her biological Mother’s influence and I can only hope, really, that Rangers Madeline and Steven McCoy’s occupation as Jaeger pilots will lift Autumn’s view of herself. Despite this all, however, Miss Williams is a rather happy personality. She is quick to laugh and is quite becoming and friendly; she immediately wanted to see if I was alright with my wheelchair and what my situation was. As it is, for everything that Autumn is, I believe she will help the McCoy’s greatly and both parties will benefit from the newfound relationship.”

What would make them chase the RABIT:

When she was 11 years old Autumn walked in on her Mother unconscious on the kitchen floor. Later it would be explained to her that her Mother had overdosed but Autumn will always remember the way her school bag dropped to the ground, the sound her shoes made as they squeaked across the tiles, and the way her Mother’s skin felt under her fingers. Eventually it had clicked that she needed to call the ambulance and she did so. As it is, this incident would be the thing that tipped it over the edge for Autumn’s transfer into the foster system. In the years since, she has carried a guilt that maybe if she hadn’t called the ambulance, her Mother would have woken up, and they wouldn’t have split.


Madeline McCoy – Maddy is, for Autumn, not the perfect Mother, but damn well close to. She admires her strength and her resolve and perhaps rather maturely, sees just how her inability to have children makes her such a wonderful Mother. With such similar personalities, Maddy and Autumn tend to fight more than Steve and Autumn, but in the end they almost always come to an agreement and understanding that moves their relationship forward for the better. They clash but they know it’s only because Maddy loves Autumn and they’re just so similar. The young girl will come to adore Maddy in the way that she knows what she’s doing and as their time together progresses, Autumn will come to think that yeah, if Maddy can be a Jaeger pilot and help save the world, then she may actually be worth something later in her life. She doesn’t have to turn out like her Mother.

Steven McCoy – The wisecracking, big-hearted, ridiculous man that is Steven McCoy is, essentially, the Father that Autumn wished she’d had growing up. Never knowing her biological Father, Autumn instantly takes to Steve. She’s still wary of getting attached, because he seems too perfect and too brilliant to ever be hers, but her walls will come down. She will talk more to Steve about her problems than Maddy (but Maddy gets the boy talk so neither of them mind too much) and as their relationship progresses; the two will become almost inseperable. She is all he wanted in a daughter and more, and he is everything she ever dreamed her Father could be.

Additional Notes:

Academic allowances are in the process of being made for Miss Williams. She is to continue her high-school education in the Shatterdome and times to be home-schooled by a tutor will be assigned within an assigned recreational room.

Autumn Williams’s faceclaim is Hailee Steinfeld and she is OPEN.

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