Okie dokie guys, here’s the sitch. Nothing has really let up for anyone since we tried to bring the rp back. We’re still sketchy as hell and that’s not our faults, it’s just how it is.

I’m going to put this place on hiatus.

I recently started a new job and it’s cutting in my hours to get things like this done and until I feel like I have a handle on this, I’d like to give the rp a little break. It seems like this would be the best idea for everyone. School and work and whatnot is still kicking our asses and until that has let up, we need to be realistic. 

This is in no way an actual end to the group. Just a break. Let us all take the time to re-evaluate what we’re doing, how we’re getting stuff done, and whether or not we can still keep the group running, and when everyone’s ready, we’ll take another  crack at this.

I love you guys. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone with this post. If you want to contact me, my aim is stevi eatherand my skype is stevi.eather or you can drop me a message on my personal here. 

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Alright, here we go. Please unfollow the following. Note that if you are interested in picking up your character again, just send me a message and it will be done :)

Those on hiatus:

Okie dokie I’m starting off our revamp with an activity check obviously. To be fair to everyone there’s a three day warning across the board. If you don’t update within those three days with an actual post, not just your queue or a picture, I will kick for lack of activity unless I’m given a reason. If you know you won’t be able to make it, let me know. You’re also more than welcome, if you’re kicked, to ask for your character back, but I do need to know if you can be active.

I love you all. Please don’t make me kick you.

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I think once a few more people come back, we need a really serious plot. The story needs to be ironed out, made clear again. Perhaps take a break from the "fantasy" prompts and go with something a bit more Pacific Rim?
Anonymous ASKED

Okay, thankyou for the advice! I’ll do my best to work something out. I’ve got a few ideas but I’ll just need to iron them out, I think. See what can be done.

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You guys are all so sweet ugh I can’t quit you. 

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Okay I’ve been avoiding making this post for a while because I feel so guilty about it, but then that just made me feel worse and I just???? Time to bite the bullet, as the saying goes.

You guys know I love you all. You’re by far the best group of rpers I’ve ever had the priviledge of writing with and I’ll adore you till the end of my days. It seems, however, like this rp isn’t going anywhere anymore. I know life is generally to blame for this — assignments, work, you name it, it’s happening — but the activity for this place hasn’t been the same since I went overseas.

Know that I don’t blame you guys, at all. Hell, a lot of this is my fault. I slacked off on promoing the rp, let myself get distracted with the likes of indie blogs, and should have organized things better for you all while I was gone.

I guess this is a post to see if anyone is actually interested in this rp anymore. I’m losing my muse for Raleigh here and the motivation to keep the rp running and I hate that. If enough of you want to keep with this place, and keep writing for your characters, I’m willing to take a crack and get Raleigh back and get this place up and running again. However, please be honest. If you don’t feel like you can get on and be active, let me know. There’s no point in keeping this place going if only one person wants to.

If none of you think that you can get on and be active — be realistic, please — then we’ll call it quits. I’ll put the rp on an indefinite hiatus and who knows, if life decides to let up on all of us in the future, we can bring this back and get it running again.

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Tile: Dead Men Walking

Duration: 4 days

The Kaiju extremists are at it again; somehow they’ve managed to get a hallucinogenic into the vent system of the Shatterdome. The drug is not biologically dangerous but it does have a particularly nasty side-effect. Everyone in the complex will start hallucinating that they’re seeing people that have died in their life. Whether it’s a sibling, a parent or a best friend they will be faced with their ghost. 

The visions will wear off, fear not. How your character deals with it is obviously up to you, but good luck.

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Title: Love is in the air

Duration: 4 days

Since there wasn’t a terribly overwhelming response to the secret admirer idea — fault to life kicking everyone about than actual disinterest, I think — here’s a general event for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Not as all out as it was at Christmas, there are places in the Shatterdome that you can find declarations of love. The engineer’s lockers are pasted with tiny white, pink and red hearts. The kitchen is pumping out cupcakes for the occasion and every now and again you’ll find notes being slipped under doors, messages of affection being delivered to those around the Dome.

             The world may be ending again, but rain, hail or kaiju blue, humanity will always be an advocate for love.

There’s no real rules for this event, just have fun. Get your character a secret admirer or even have them drop something off for another. Or maybe they can be a grouch for the holiday and have their stony heart turned mushy by someone they love? Either way, the event will finish on the night of the 14th for America. 15th for all of you that are in the future with me :)

Go forth and spread the love!

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