I really really really want to join this - it looks fantastic!
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Would it be easier to get this up and running if you had a secondary admin?
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If there’s anyone that’s interested, sure! I’ve had some limited time lately and another hand could come in useful.


So some personal issues had me take a step away for a couple days.

Seeing as we’ve had no applications, we can’t officially open yet.

So come apply! Encourage your friends! 

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"Pacific Rim 2" Script In The Works, Says Guillermo del Toro

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At this point, while I have characters in drafts, I’ve decided a few things.

  • The plot is going to stay the way it is. 
  • You guys can start sending in applications for characters that you want. Even if you had the character in the past, you still have to send in an application just to keep things fair.
  • We won’t “accept” the apps until the official opening date, which is…*drumroll*

                       June 28th

Any questions, just let me know. 

Quick Update Regarding Characters

 All characters we have now are officially “open”. 

When the group reopens in a couple weeks (we’ll give you an official date soon), you can apply then. 

We’ll keep all current characters, though there will be fc changes for some characters that weren’t in the film and little plot stuff. 

New Admin Post

Hey guys! Alina here.

So our wonderful Stevi has officially handed over the group to me. She’s really busy and wants to keep this place going, so I volunteered to take over and get it running again!

For the next few weeks, I’ll set up the process to start things over. Characters will get rewritten and added in, others will get taken out, plots will get set up…etc, etc. I’ll annoy Stevi once in a while to check in, I want everything that happens to follow in her vision for the group. 

So if you’ve got any concerns, want to help out, want input, whatever, just message me on here and I’ll take it all into account. Get ready for a great rping experience, just in time for the end of school. 

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Okie dokie guys, here’s the sitch. Nothing has really let up for anyone since we tried to bring the rp back. We’re still sketchy as hell and that’s not our faults, it’s just how it is.

I’m going to put this place on hiatus.

I recently started a new job and it’s cutting in my hours to get things like this done and until I feel like I have a handle on this, I’d like to give the rp a little break. It seems like this would be the best idea for everyone. School and work and whatnot is still kicking our asses and until that has let up, we need to be realistic. 

This is in no way an actual end to the group. Just a break. Let us all take the time to re-evaluate what we’re doing, how we’re getting stuff done, and whether or not we can still keep the group running, and when everyone’s ready, we’ll take another  crack at this.

I love you guys. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone with this post. If you want to contact me, my aim is stevi eatherand my skype is stevi.eather or you can drop me a message on my personal here. 

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Alright, here we go. Please unfollow the following. Note that if you are interested in picking up your character again, just send me a message and it will be done :)

Those on hiatus: